Thursday, August 04, 2016

Why the webcast Foxx And Foster has reached it's end

Considering how it appears to be of interest to the adult and pornographic industry community as to why the webcast venture Foxx And Foster reached it's end, I've decided to share the following.

I've known Diana Grandmaison (fka pornstar Desi Foxx) for many years (since 2008).  I initially met her and her daughter (known as Elle Foxx) shortly after I began working as an adult actress in Los Angeles, California. All three of us at the time were represented by veteran porn agent Brian of GiirlzInc (who today has an agency called AMA modeling).

The afternoon of August 2, 2016, after I'd posted a piece on in regards to nude erotic photographs of Melania Trump (Presidential candidate Donald Trump's wife) obtained by the New York Post I decided to investigate the story further to learn more about the "French photographer" who took the photos.  Upon learning that there's far more to the history of the photographer than the New York Post opted to disclose, I contacted him - then decided to tell Diana about the situation via text message.

About an hour later, Diana texted me back in regards to her feelings about my "going after" Donald Trump.  From her perspective Donald Trump signing a pledge to fight online pornography would "take down our enemies". Diana initially was not a Donald Trump supporter, but over the past few months, her support for him has escalated. I felt however (and continue to feel), she has a right to her political views...just as I do.

I explained to her that from my perspective Donald Trump is dishonest and will do and say whatever he and his team feel is necessary to gain media attention, support and win the Presidency.  It's always bothered me extensively that Trump is closely connected to the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Diana was well aware of my concern.

Diana went on to text me that from her perspective this is not just politics. She specifically texted to me "This is God versus Satan and you know it. To help the Democrats is to help domestic terrorism against our nation to steal children.". Now, that was a statement I highly disagree with considering that both Republicans and Democrats alike have been attached to crimes against children over the years. In addition I know for a fact that the Libertarian party has been highly linked to pedophilia as well (as my research on the adult entertainment industry reflects).

I texted Diana back and told her that though I respect her perspective, I don't agree and I suggested that she contact me later if she liked.

Diana then texted me again and said the following "No thanks! This isn't the first time you've crossed boundaries to do what you want instead of what's right. I always come out looking bad when you do. We can keep this quiet and leave everything with videos as is or take down. Let me know. i'm over it and ready to move forward with the facts we know, not my emotions and prejudices. It's just the World! No biggie!"

I responded with the following, "I'm not taking anything down and I'm not arguing with you. I'm also not going to agree with you. if you want to part ways, its OK, but I think you need to sleep on it. Again, for now I'm going to pretend you never sent me these texts because someone who's my friend wouldn't have said to me what you just did. G'nite"

Diana then sent me these final words, "Look, you act like this is easy for me. Believe me when I say it's not I'm slept on it for weeks now I was a Democrat my whole life as well so that's not easy for me either. Facts are facts though and this is both domestic and international terrorism going on big time. You can do and feel whatever you want but we can't be friends when you're actively helping the known enemy. Plain and simple. We both have choices and sometimes it's not the easy choice we have to make. You're choosing to help people who are removing God from our world. I choose God! That makes us enemies whether we like or not. Good luck!"

After those final words I decided not to ever text, call or contact Diana again.  Not just due to this particular instance, but due to a few other elements I've turned a blind eye to and chalked up to her simply not knowing any better over the years.

I take my relationship with God and Jesus Christ very seriously and I try my best to live a good life nowadays.  In the past I've made the mistake of overly judging others, being unfair and thinking that what I feel is correct is what God feels is correct.  However the further I delve into my religious studies, the more I've come to realize that God not only has a plan, but that there are necessary evils in this world as well - as it's the evils that often bring out the best within humanity.

Diana's texts also made me question, exactly WHO does she feel I make her look bad to? When it came to the webcast Foxx And Foster - it was I who came up with the entire concept (actually quite a few of her projects were my ideas).  Diana purchased the domain AFTER I came up with the name. It was her job to update the website with the new webisodes, but it was I who did all of the video recording, editing, graphics, and video uploading (which took many unpaid hours out of my days). I am the one who wrote, performed and produced the opening theme song. In addition, I led the discussions.  All Diana really ever had to do was call me on Skype on time. I actually encouraged her to learn how to video edit and create graphics so she could do shows on her own (which I hope she does to continue to her brand of activism).

I felt that Diana and I's differing political views at this stage would make for a far more interesting webcast - however I suppose from Diana's perspective (as many who have known her over the years are aware) it's her way or nothing. She likes to attempt to take a "leadership" position without always having the experience, knowledge or skills to do so.

The following day, though I was saddened, I decided to keep the situation to myself and go on with life - however upon tweeting my thoughts in regards to some political issues she opted to make the situation public herself. In fact, I was surprised and pretty hurt that Diana tweeted the following:

"For the record, I terminated partnership with Alexandra Mayers due to breaching source confidentiality & victim intimidation!"

"I will not be associated with someone who says they're anti porn activist yet attacks anti porn activists!" 

"Facebook Alex. You're a #hypocrite doesn't care about anyone or anything except yourself. Mad at me so attack @GOP. LAME!" 

"Like you promote #Prop60 yet slam the man who has made the entire campaign possible. You have slammed them all including me!" 

"You're a lost soul Alex. Go ask @HillaryClinton & @BarackObama for help. They've only ignored your plight for 8 yrs now!"

I didn't realize that I had to share her political views to feel that voting YES on prop 60 was a good idea in regards to protecting the workplace health and safety of adult actors and actresses. In addition, her comment in regards pornstar Serenity Haze was a tremendous slap in the face considering the efforts I took (with Diana's encouragement) to bring awareness to that particular situation - a situation that I feel the need to elaborate on...

When I first learned about the Serenity Haze alleged onset rape - I immediately felt that the alleged victim needed help, so I not only posted a "play by play" video about the behind the scenes footage I was privy to viewing (ironically it was the producer himself who allowed me to watch the footage)... I also did my best independently to contact organizations and law enforcement in regards to the issue - despite the fact that either Serenity (or someone else who may have been operating her twitter account posted some extremely derroagtory and racist remarks about Blacks / African Americans - referring to them as "niggers").

The individuals  I contacted in both the sex trafficking organizations and law enforcement felt that the situation should be investigated so I wrote full reports and provided my testimony. Law enforcement inquired if I could reach out to the girl known as Serenity Haze and have her contact them. After discussing the situation with Diana, I found Serenity's facebook account and contacted her via ONE private message and ONE post on her facebook wall.

Shortly after telling Diana I'd contacted Serenity and providing Diana with the phone number to the law enforcement officer Serenity should contact, Diana told me that Serenity had reached out to her and said that she'd received the information. However, also at that point Diana said that my ONE facebook wall post and ONE facebook private message to Serenity was "harassment".

I never "signed up" to be an activist nor did I ever sign on to any organization to attempt to help sex workers in need. Life just put me in certain situations to where I've done what I felt was the right thing to do - however after this Serenity Haze situation (which truth be told is extraordinarily questionable on a multitude of levels), I'm taking a step back.

I don't hate Diana Grandmaison and I'm disappointed that she feels my political views prevent us from being friends, but upon looking at this from a logical perspective, I know that parting ways for the final time is for the absolute best.  Diana has brought an extensive amount of stress into my life and I feel that at some point she needs to realize that she's not ALWAYS the victim and is not ALWAYS correct. One thing I know about true friendship, is that it survives differing opinions (regardless of what it's about).

I wish Diana the best in whatever it is she chooses to do, and perhaps if she wants to continue telling the truth about the pornographic industry, she should create a webcast titled "Foxx and Foxx" - with her daughter who she entered the pornographic industry with. I know for a fact that the intelligent and talented young woman once known as Elle Foxx has never left her mother's side, has made incredible personal sacrifices to ensure that her mother is OK and has quite the story to tell and perspective to share.

My continued work of course can be followed on - I know I'm far from perfect, but I'm also far from being evil or a lost soul. I actually feel (especially nowadays) that I'm a pretty decent person when it comes down to it.