Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Abusive men in porn behind websites designed to TRAP souls in the industry

Alexandra shares about why donating to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission (www.VegasRescue.org) is a good idea considering how many young men and women who may travel to Las Vegas to work in porn, may find themselves homeless upon their decision to leave the industry.

In addition, Alexandra Mayers shares her views about the multitudes of abusive men in the porn industry and how (in her opinion) where websites such as pornwikileaks failed is due to the fact that such sites (which are designed to “mark” the men and women who fall prey to the porn industry) are built, operated and designed by abusive men (and sometimes women) who are completely incapable of maintaining healthy relationships (the man who designed the blueprint of pornwikileaks is one of the most abusive and sociopathic people on Earth).

Bottom line – the porn industry’s predatory power players primarily prey upon targets they believe can be easily abused (psychologically, spiritually and physically).