Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Well it appears that the person who screwed me over financially either doesn't have enough respect for others to pay me what he owes me, OR he simply doesn't have the money. Regardless I'm going public with this because I'll be damned if this asshole jerk cons any other women.

I invite you all to read http://lenny-dykstra.blogspot.com/

I've kept me mouth shut about many things on many occasions but I will not in regards to this situation and individual. I know I may be possibly incrimnating myself by coming forward and speaking up about what happened on Deceber 13th, 2010 but I have nothing to lose at this point being that my holiday has been ruined.

Be careful of who you fuck over in life people - sometimes the least likely of people will be the ones who rip your head off. No one is more dangerous than someone who has nothing left to lose and now, I'm in debt and have no holiday. Lenny Dykstra - suffer my wrath.