Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Part 1


1-2-3-4 do I detect a twitter war? Maybe it should be more like 1-2-3-4- I declare a pimp war!

Recently a young lady who decided to take the plunge into the Los Angeles adult entertainment ( porn ) industry wrote a rather disturbing email / manifesto to a friend of mine who runs www.TheRealPornWikiLeaks.com. Daisy made several very serious allegations against a man by the name of Marc Drescher who whom brought her out to Los Angeles and who she worked with upon arrival.

Though I had the chance to speak with Daisy and set up an interview to get more details from her side of the situation, I have was notified at the scheduled time of the interview without prior notice that she now has legal council and has been advised not to do interviews.

I was contacted shortly after by Marc Drescher who wanted to share his side of the situation so the same day of Daisy's canceled interview, I interviewed him. Please watch parts 1 through 3 of this interview set featuring Marc Drescher (@markfromthedark), Britany Blaze (@Brittany_Blaze), Amanda Blow (@Amandablow), and last but not least Tucker Slain (@tuckerslain ). All individuals share their thoughts and perspectives on what is a rare look at a rather common situation in the adult entertainment sphere.

This particular situation is a rather dramatic one - however I personally feel all parties of whom I've spoken with are incredibly talented and intelligent individuals ( though they've taken an unconventional road in life ) and have been sincere.


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