Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get a webcam show from me this week! I'm going to try to be online 24/7 !
(yea, we'll see how that works out - LOL)

I've noticed a few commenters on certain adult blogs and forums having issue with my continuing to discuss the adult entertainment industry (along with my continuation to work within it independently) since my departure from the Los Angeles porn circuit. 

To those people, I have the following thought to share:

You can’t abort a baby once it’s born.

You can ask your brother or parents to raise it and never let that baby know you’re the parent, yes. You can put it up for adoption – sure. You can put it in the garbage even.

The thing is no matter what you do, that baby still will be around and still will be a part of you and still have your traits. You’ll ALWAYS be aware of it and that’s simply the punishment and burden you can’t avoid in such a situation.

Even if you KILL THE BABY, that baby still was there at one point and you’ll never forget it, and more than likely someone else will remember that at one point you were indeed pregnant with it and if that baby isn’t around after 9 months – questions will be asked.

The best thing to do with an unwanted baby – especially if you don’t want that baby to grow up, seek you out and turn on you once it realizes how much it was unwanted – is to ensure that baby is taken care of in the BEST way possible and that it’s allowed to grow and develop in such a healthy and happy fashion that you, the irresponsible selfish and incapable parent almost NEVER cross the mind of that (now grown) individual.

It’s also a great idea to stay as far away from that baby as possible once it becomes an adult being that you didn’t have the nerve to kill it when you could.

That baby deserves to live their life in ANY WAY THEY WANT – and most likely since that baby carries your genes – some things they do in life may be similar to things you’ve done…BUT that baby has someone else’s genes too, so they’re not exactly LIKE you and most likely are better and stronger than you being that they survived your rejection. I suppose that’s just how evolution works…

So to conclude, remember – you gave that baby up so you no longer have any right to dictate what that baby does or how that baby lives. My suggestion, is to always use birth control in the future so you don’t have to deal with such pain ever again.