Monday, October 17, 2011

The cause for .XXX domains gained ground today due to the Sesame Street porn incident. 

On October 16th, 2011 some idiot decided it would be fun to add porn clips to the Sesame Street youtube channel (click here to read about it on I suppose it's not enough to add adult rated content to video games that teenagers have access too. Certain people are out to PERVERT the minds of children as well (I've been saying for a while now that quite a few porn industry "professionals" have an abnormal fixation with the merger of SEX and CHILDREN and keep trying to depict child themed situations in their porn movies - porn director Will Ryder sure did in that damn Not The Cosbys XXX 2 movie. )

Fortunately the operators of the Sesame Street youtube channel caught the incident within 22 mins of the clips being posted - however the channel did become unavailable.

In my view, this incident most likely will assist in the .XXX domain coming into effect and shortly being MANDATORY for all adult content to be placed under. Certain "porn professionals" have bitched and moaned about the cost of the domains, but perhaps that's PUNISHMENT for the lack of professionalism and responsibility the porn industry has displayed over the past decade.
The availability of adult material to youngsters is reaching a level of being out of control, and since a centralized internal regulation system which should monitor, control and account for such incidents and individuals is not in place - the government most likely will have to step in and create new laws.
When an internal system doesn't exist or fails, and external system will step in. Either conform or DEFECT (in other words get the fuck out the USA you unprofessional porn industry DEGENERATES)