Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another Monica Foster - Desi Foxx video October 31, 2015 webcast collaboration preview: Axel Braun - Porn Director or Peter Pan XXX pimp of Riley Steele on Eros?

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Alexandra aka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx discuss Axel Braun, Riley Steele and their xxx Peter Pan Parody for the Wicked Pictures line of Fairy Tale themed hardcore adult movies.

Porn director Axel Braun initially seemed like a "good guy" considering how he claimed to only want to shoot talent over the age of 21 and his stance on mandatory condom usage in adult films, however as of late it appears as though he's turned to the "dark side" and lost his mind!

Axel Braun recently turned Walt Disney's children's classic Peter Pan - a fairy tale specifically about young children into an adult xxx hardcore porn parody for Wicked Pictures. In addition Axel Braun's contract star Riley Steele is being advertised on Eros - a well known prostitution and escorting website.

Does Axel Braun need to pay Riley Steele more money to keep her off the Eros website, or does her contract with Axel require her to be available on Eros to supplement Axel's income?

As of October 27th 2015 Axel Braun was asked this question on Reddit's Ask Me Anything, but he failed to provide a reply.