Saturday, July 28, 2007

I wasn't going to go out last night, but I did, and I'm glad, and I had a ton of fun.
I actually wound up going out with a guy I used to date, I was kinda hesitant because I don't make a habit of going out with or making friends with old flames, but in this situation I do feel a friendship may be possible.
The night started out kind of shitty, because on my way to meet up with him, I realized I'd forgotten my cellphone so I couldn't get directions to his place. After about an hour, I finally was able to get into my cellphone voicemail remotely and get his number so I wound up meeting with him and his friends over at the HardRock casino.
The fuckin Hardrock. Usually I avoid that place at ALL COSTS but since this was a last minute night out, there weren't many other options.
I had a pretty good time. Great drinks, met some new people, bumped into some old aquaintances and at the end of the night hit up a local strip club, Scarlett's, for even more drinks.
I paid for all thee drinking today by feeling sick as a dog and puking my brains out BUT it was worth it. 1 day a week of drinking is good for the soul :)