Monday, July 30, 2007

Well last night, I was the final guest on Bobbi Billard's NowLive show for her "Best of the Net calendar contest" and hell, I don't have to win the contest at all, it was just really cool to be able to talk with someone who's as successful in the "online model" arena as she is. I truly wish that girl the best.
Click here for the sound bite/interview from the show.
Well I am PSYCHED about getting together. Swimwear and lingerie, my 2 favorite areas of clothing. How much of a lucky duck am I to have this opportunity. I took some of the first photos for the site today at my biz partner's place and the photos ROCK! Unfortunately I need to get on a diet, my ass is getting fat :(
I want implants and I want them now. I think I'd look and feel so much better. By the end of the year I will have them.
This week I think will be a long week, lots to in regards the websites I have and I want to rack up some major fundage from my cam shows.
Last weekend was odd - I felt like it was "The past 2 years, revisted" weekend - I ran into a lot of people and heard from a lot of people that I could stand to not ever have enter my life again.
I guess it's all about life coming full circle though - I can deal.