Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The past few weeks I have struggled - not just with external and material matters, but with internal as well - I can honestly define this time period over the past few weeks as some of my "darkest hours".

But guess what - darkness doesn't last forever...

The August sun has begun to rise - and with it - I rise - like a fiery phoenix from the ashes.

I have had more support, words or encouragement and words of wisdom from the most unlikeliest of sources over the past few days and I am BEYOND grateful - and humbled.

I work very hard - I know that some (from a certain school of WEAK, PAST DATED and PROGRAMMED thought) may feel that my projects, dreams and endeavors are by lack of better terms "frivolous" and "pointless" - but apparently to many of you out there (and to ME) - they are making a DIFFERENCE and ARE NOT, and frankly that's all that matters...

I stand together with my Amazon sisters and my brothers of whom respect strong independent and self assured individuals and I say:

"I will not go quietly into the night!

I will not vanish without a fight!

I am going to live on!

I am going to survive!"

And to all you little midget bitch boys hiding behind your broken down women who have something to say to me in regards to - SAY IT TO MY FACE if you dare, because I am not alone, afraid or intimidated by the future I WILL OWN YOU and I will liberate all of whom you have suppressed. Your time has past, party's over - so go back to the sewers from which you came.