Saturday, August 07, 2010

So, for those of you who watch my online show - you know that I've been doing a lot of coverage as of late on the Montana Fishburne sextape. I felt the need to write a blog tonight as to exactly why I've been all over this particular news item, and why I feel others need to be aware of exactly what is going on with Montana.

I've worked in the adult entertainment industry now in total for around 8 years. I began as an exotic dancer back around 2002, transitioned into webcamming, then into the porn industry about 2 and a half years ago, and now I'm back to primarily being a webcam girl.

I'm currently working on cleaning up my life a bit, furthering my career endeavors and in general - creating a life for myself I can truly be proud of. As of current, I'm only comfortable performing in front of the camera sexually solo. Honestly, unless I enter a committed relationship with someone, who is comfortable with being sexual on camera with me (yes, I'm talking the Sunny Leone route), I doubt I'll ever shoot a boy/girl scene again.

Don't get me wrong, I think the adult entertainment industry is a valid industry and I've enjoyed working within it - however it could be better. There are many good people who are true professionals who work within porn who I've met, and I am fairly positive I will work in the adult entertainment world (most likely in a behind the scenes capacity) for the rest of my life. I have a tremendous passion and interest when it comes to adult entertainment - however I feel some major changes HAVE TO be made in regards to protecting the health and the safety of the performers. I also feel that those entering the industry need to be far more educated and aware as to exactly how the porn industry really works and what to expect once in - along with what to expect from society outside of the porn industry.

For example - young women entering porn need be told to do the following:

1) Research thoroughly all aspects of the sect of the adult entertainment industry you are entering
2) Really think through your choice as to why you want to enter adult entertainment 3) Really consider who's life you may change who is close to you by your making the decision to work within the adult entertainment industry.

Upon my entering the world of adult entertainment, I addressed the first 2 of the above points, however I didn't address the 3rd - which is why the Montana Fishburne news item has affected me so greatly.

By my entering the porn industry - I shamed my family. Yes, they still love me - however our relationship is forever changed. I may never regain their full trust and respect again. That simple fact has killed a part of and has forever changed the woman who created "Monica Foster".

Someone in the chat room tonight during the broadcast of asked me if I have any regrets - the answer is yes. If I had known back in March of 2008 how greatly my choice to enter the porn industry would effect my family, I never would have done it. The price I've paid for many of the exciting, fun and life changing experiences that being "Monica Foster" has granted me, has been the distance that has developed between myself and my family. The financial gain (which wasn't that much in the long run) and life experiences weren't worth AT ALL the change that I've experienced in my relationship with my loved ones.

Some have asked me if exotic dancing and/or webcamming can have the same impact on a person's life as being a "pornstar". Well I suppose it's all perspective - however in my eyes exotic dancing is fairly mild (if you can stay away from drugs and alcohol) - though it's "in person performance" it's not recorded on video for the world to see.

Webcamming is generally (at least in my case) solo - also it's generally something you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can even "block" certain regions from viewing you which can substantially lower the chances of people you know ever finding out you're a performer".

The porn industry (or should I say system) is a bit different though. There are circuits of people within the porn industry and circling around the perimeter of the porn industry who are VERY dangerous and VERY predatory (many people in and around porn are CONSISTENTLY trying to pressure you into illegal escorting the moment you shoot your first adult scene). I suppose you could say the same for the exotic dancer world - but from my experience - it's simply not the same.

I entered the porn circuit at 29 - and from working in the exotic dancing circuit I was already pretty aware, "street smart", and savvy in regards to knowing how to avoid certain types of dangerous situations. However this young woman Monatana is not - she's 19 years old and considering that she's from a fairly sheltered background - and considering that, plus the fact that she is the daughter of someone who has quite a lot of money - she is in literal danger as of current in my view.

The current individuals in the porn industry surrounding Montana should have initially done the right thing the moment they realized who's daughter she was, by telling her to "go home" and/or by contacting the Laurence Fishburne camp to notify him as to what his daughter was getting herself into. However no one had a conscience and did so - they simply saw dollar signs.

In my eyes (though Montana IS of age and is technically an adult), I feel that she is essentially being held hostage via the psychological manipulation of her "management" aka pimp. The people around her have failed to educate her to the true facts of the adult entertainment industry, and she is very naive as to how the business end of the industry truly works - which is evident in this interview with Montana that AVN just published (I hope TO GOD that when she launches her website, everything is AT LEAST in HER NAME so that she owns it).

As of current it has been exposed to THE WORLD via a young woman who was close to Montana Fishburne named "NeNe" (you can watch the video interview here), that the young man Montana is "dating" has encouraged her to work as a prostitute.

I created back in July of 2009 to try to reach young women (girls) like 19 year old Montana Fishburne - however I think I need to possibly do more (and so do other current and ex adult entertainers who feel as I do).

I strongly feel at this point that for the adult entertainment industry to survive and be seen in the future as a valid and legitimate industry, the health and safety of the talent will have to be taken much more into account, the compensation the talent receives will need to be standardized, and lastly the age limit for performers will need to be raised to 21 years old.

I'm nervous at this stage in the Montana Fishburne sextape "scandal" that other young women from middle class backgrounds will think that it's "cool" and "trendy" and "rebellous" to get into porn (much like how Montana thought the emulating Kim Kardashian was a good idea). These young women will not be aware as to how treacherous the porn entertainment industry truly is, which MAY just be what many in the porn industry want - to recruit fresh young naive meat.

In the future, when I launch my adult production label/studio (I feel I literally HAVE TO at this point in order to be at least one "safe island" for those entering the dangerous sea which is the porn industry), I will implement within my own workplace the ideals of which I have for the porn industry as a whole. I suppose I won't be as successful financially as other studios but I feel like the whole reason my life has taken the path of which is has, was so that I could witness some wrongs and at least attempt to take a stand to set an example to others as what is RIGHT.

I wish Montana Fishburne the best (I hope she gathers enough common sense relatively soon to realize that if she IS to continue in the adult world, she needs to develop a solid plan for herself INDEPENDENTLY and that she needs to stop hanging around trash and pimps.) and I hope the her father Laurence Fishburne can reach her, and help her - he needs to.

I suppose I'm very very very fortunate to have the father and mother that I do because though I disappointed them - they helped me when I really needed it recently and they encouraged me to do better for myself - thanks Mom & Dad.