Monday, August 09, 2010

Today I am bopping around my apartment to a Pandora station I created based on the song "Hey Soul Sister" by Train while I clean and getting everything in order for the week. I had a pretty good weekend from Friday to Sunday which brought me a nice and productive state of mind to begin the week within.

Friday I took a walk around Hollywood - though I anticipate my departure from this city shortly, I'm still taking the time to enjoy my surroundings. My move here from Fort Lauderdale, Florida was one of the most difficult undertakings of my life, however I don't want to look back on this time of my life and only associate it with negative feelings and events (because there were many good times too) - so I'm making the effort to create some positive associations as well to balance the scale - hell maybe to tip the scale more towards the light rather than the dark.

On Friday's walk, I spotted an interesting individual - he was definitely bold and darking with his choice of clothing and I thought it was fabulous (not too many men can pull off lime green leggings, with a hot pink hooded tunic and black cowboy boots) - so I pretended to be a stealth paparazzi photographer and followed him for a few blocks from a distance and took some photos of him with my iphone camera.

Saturday I took some time to listen to Eminem's new album - I'm very impressed with 2 of his new songs "Love the way you lie" and "Not Afraid". The first song brought me to a few self actualizations - the latter inspired me to DEFINITELY continue with my current project

Sunday I stopped by the Hollywood and Highland mall to run a few errands. One of my favorite stores there is Express - I stopped in and the store brought back so many fun memories. Back in south florida when I was around 18 I worked at an Express in Pompano Beach mall - those were some good times. Later that afternoon I enjoyed a very relaxing and laid back afternoon filled with Mimosa's at one of my favorite local brunch spots with a good friend of mine who I met a few months after I relocated here. He wasn't feeling well (he'd gone out and partied the night before) but he still made the effort to get out the house and hang out with me. He's one of the few males that I've met in Los Angeles who respects my unusual way of living and is fine with simply being my friend - it's a wonderful blessing to have a friend like him.

So that was my weekend - I anticipate this being a pretty good week. I'll be doing my private webcam shows of course along with Monica @ Home in the evenings today, Wednesday and Friday. At some point this week I need to edit and post on my interview with Angelique DeLeone (of from last Friday.

Wednesday I'm planning on having some people over for dinner - I'll probably cook a lasagna yet again - but maybe I'll make something else special to go along with it - who knows...

Though I'm feeling relatively settled and relaxed as of current, I feel a little odd - not really anxious, but as if I am anticipating or expecting's hard to explain. I'm far from psychic but I'm definitely intuitive so whatever is coming - I hope it's good - I don't have a negative overlay associated with how I'm feeling, so it probably will be good (and hopefully interesting). Regardless generally change and new additions to our experience here on this planet IS good :)