Monday, January 03, 2011

A while ago I wrote a blog on the French phrase "Force de Frappe" - it's a phrase my Dad familiarized me with. Both of my parents have given me such good advice and knowledge of concepts and the world in general through out my life, much of which I truly didn't understand until much later. I had no idea how much the concept of "Force de Frappe" would play into my life...until now.

For those of you who have been keeping up with me, you all know about the Monica Foster / Lenny Dykstra "scandal"...I'm not so certain it is really a scandal - it's just a situation I never should have gotten myself into - however hindsight is indeed always 20/20.

Since deciding to speak out publicly about the situation I've been on a rollercoaster ride that has taken me into some of the deepest pits of hell and back again (I suppose it's a good thing I'm already familiar with the upper levels of hell).

Last night I nearly lost my sanity due to an internet stalker I've attracted who fixates on pornstars (but who I've fought back against) who is a Dykstra "supporter" along with being someone who really hates when women (especially black women) don't keep their mouth shut.

Force De Frappe...yes - that phrase defines Monica Foster because no, I can't win or triumph over an entire group of people, way of thought, way of life or industry alone - but I can bring to light and damage the ideals of such people, industries and screwed up practices somewhat. I may be rendered depleted in the end, but I will always stand up for myself and defend others when I'm able to and when it's necessary. My birth name Alexandra, means "defender of man" and that tells you everything you could ever need to know about the woman behind Monica Foster.

Let this be a lesson as to what one little single woman alone in her one bedroom apartment at her computer can do in regards to fighting back against many with thousands if not millions of dollars.

A big thank you to , , , , , and my friends at Desire Street

The above links are to mainstream news articles about my most recent situation. Shove it up your ass Dykstra and those in the adult entertainment industry who attacked my family because you were too afraid of me.

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