Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter! Today is one of my favorite holidays because I love the meaning behind it. Jesus Christ knew that when he chose to share his controversial ideas and "fight the system" that not only would he be shunned by those who feared change and the future - he would be killed.

Jesus also knew however, that he not only was right, but that he would be resurrected - and he was.

Jesus had faith in God, and he had faith in himself - which is why I relate to Jesus at this point in my life at 33 years old, very very well.

I've come to learn that one of the reasons many people discount, discredit and even hate Jesus Christ is because his situation and experience is proof that God exists along with there being much more to the universe than initially meets the eye.

Jesus essentially dealt with Gangstalkers (please visit to learn more). Those who participate in Gangstalking often don't have a belief in God or Jesus because they fear not only being wrong, but also failing at their objective.

I am seen as "controversial", "eccentric", "crazy" etc...but in actuality I'm just honest. I say what's on my mind and no longer am out to please anyone or be liked (I wasted too many years not being myself). I don't care to belong to a group of any sort - I enjoy and have found peace within my independent individuality.

My mindset makes certain types of people on this planet realize that they're powerless - not just in regards to me, but in regards to events in general. People who fear my mindset will not make up the majority of our society in the near future. Change isn't just coming - it's occurred.

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