Monday, April 16, 2012

An Oasis For Peaches
Yesterday was difficult - as goodbyes often are.

Today I concluded my time here on Earth with Peaches by laying his body to rest in the most beautiful and most appropriate place I could find.

Though I live in the scorching desert, I'm very fortunate to live within close proximity to a wetlands park and nature preserve of which many birds and other wildlife frequent.

Yesterday, while talking to my Mother, she suggested I bury Peaches next to a tree with "strong roots". She felt Peaches spirit would enjoy a nice view and some branches to perch on. Peaches used to view my Mother as a mobile "tree" and would take flight to chase her on occasion through the house in an attempt to utilize her head as a perch :)

Upon arriving at the wetlands, It took me a while to find the right tree...I had to hike pretty deep into the preserve. However once I saw a few birds aerial dancing and singing their songs, I knew I was getting close to the right place.

I could have sworn I saw the leaves of the tree I selected sparkle after I finished patting the ground back into place.

Almost immediately after returning Peaches' body to the earth, my Father called my cellphone to see how I was doing (our family has the best sense of timing). I let him know I'd just finished my journey with Peaches.

My Father had a chance to get to know Peaches right before I relocated to Los Angeles back in 2008. We reminisced and laughed a bit. After ending the conversation with my Father, I sat on a boulder next to a little creek, which was along side the tree I selected for Peaches and prayed.

My home is strangely quiet without Peaches here - but a part of his essence will always be with me and all who loved him.