Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monica Foster At Home 2014 - Tuesday 04-08-2014

Today's LIVE webcast of Monica At Home will start at 5pm PST via a live streaming YOUTUBE event. Remember you can SKYPE in with questions via my ID MonicaAtHome01

Alexandra aka Monica Foster presents the latest pornographic industry news, first amendment issues, current events, legal sphere topics and drama.

At the start of the webcast I question why Mo Reese (a free speech coalition mouth piece) is irresponsibly telling the porn talent misleading information and propaganda in regards to AB 1576 and their self produced content for their websites and clips4sale stores.

I state the Mo Reese needs to clarify to the talent the AB 1576 will not affect SOLO pornstars who are SOLO in their websites, webcam show and clips4sale content.

 I also question why Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals is attempting to spread the message to mainstream media that the condom legislation (existing and proposed) in regards to the porn industry, isn't to ultimately protect the health and safety of pornstars and sexworkers.

 Dr. Chauntelle has never actually been a porn talent (as far as I know), so how exactly does she know what the pornographic industry system is actually like? Why doesn't she approach other porn studios to take up Wicked Picture's business model? Does she not realize that if most pornstars want to work, they are currently pressured NOT to use condoms (which is why condom legislation must be enforced to criminalize porn producers who don't follow the legislation).

Next I express why I think attorney general Eric Holder's gun control potential legislation is a good idea and I state that the Adult Entertainment Exo [correction - Adultcon] being moved to the same week as the Gun Expo in Las Vegas is a bad idea considering the sex and violence typically don't mix well.

Next I delve into the history and events surrounding Pornwikileaks and I explain about the lies and mistruths the Free Speech Coalition has told the public (even via wikipedia) in regards to the event of which released over 15,000 performers personal information to the public. I question whether or not the information on pornwikileaks really was from AIM (it could have been from a 2257 record keeping database such as the now closed

I also explain that the Free Speech Coalition's recent rise to power and influence is directly tied to and dependent upon their alleged involvement in closing Pornwikileaks (which is currently back online).

Last I explain how pornwikileaks may be used as an event or case in the Free Speech Coalitions fight to overturn 2257 record keeping laws - laws of which protect minors and children from being exploited in adult content. Being that the Free Speech Coalition has a history of defending child abuse and pedophilia, the 2257 laws must remain firmly intact.