Saturday, April 05, 2014

Monica At Home 2014 on the Rob Black network Friday 04-04-2014

Alexandra aka Monica Foster presents the latest pornographic industry news, first amendment issues, current events, legal sphere topics and drama.

At the start of the webcast I give a health alert to the Los Angeles porn industry talent in regards to a meningitis outbreak which has hit Los Angeles, that has a high probability of affecting the Los Angeles talent pool.

Next I discuss gay pornstar Michael Lucas and his decision to put profits above porn talent health and safety by opting to shoot bareback HIV positive pornographic content.

I discuss whether or not pornstars represented by Mark Spiegler of the SpieglerGirls talent agency are having sex in their personal and/or professional lives with HIV positive talent considering that much of the pornstars Mark Spiegler represents have worked with HIV positive John Stagliano of the porn studio Evil Angel.

Being that Katie Summers currently has a lawsuit against John Stagliano for not disclosing his HIV positive status to her prior to having physical contact with her, I feel it's possible that John Stagliano (and many other porn professionals who may be HIV positive as well) has had sexual contact with the majority (if not all) of the SpieglerGirls considering that they are consistently featured in John Stagliano and Evil Angel porn movies.

At the end of the webcast I question why so many influential porn industry professionals who are immigrants from other countries (namely England, Germany and Canada), feel that they have the right to dictate American legislation and laws.

In the conclusion of the webcast I suggest that the foreign born porn professionals who don't respect or follow the United States laws, simply leave the country and return to their nations of origin rather than opposing the Aids Healthcare Foundation and California Assemblyman Isadore Hall the III who are only trying to help the porn industry and bring it into the future (not hurt it).

Porn professionals, in my view, who oppose the laws (and break the laws) are simply ANTI PORN.