Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I find myself working so hard every day but I'm really not seeing many results. Sometimes, especially as of late, I feel like just throwing in the towel and giving up. I'm broke, my family doesn't communicate with me and I feel like 99% of the people out there have completely the wrong idea about who I am and what I'm about.
I can't give up though, Monica Foster, ID-CD Productions, Red T-Back and my new venture with Sheer Elegance is all I have and I'm not about to start over again. I just have to butch up, buck up and keep moving forward.
Lately there have been a few new people who have entered my life who believe in me. It's these few new people that are helping me keep faith in myself. I don't have a problem with working hard - I never have - I just need to start seeing some results.
I shot a new pictorial yesterday. I think it looks great. Though I don't have the proper equipment, I'm going to start my video work with what I've got to work with. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have everything I need technical wise.
Though I get depressed sometimes, I'm excited about my future. I can see the direction I'm headed in and it's good. I guess sometimes in life you have to give up and let go of things and people you love who can't see your full potential - especially when you know what you are creating and want will come to fruition with time.