Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I recently found a really nice photo online entitled "Gilded Cage" - featuring Holly from the Playboy Mansion show "The Girls Next Door". Being a pretty girl living out here in Los Angeles it is VERY easy to fall into (and then find yourself trapped in) a "Gilded Cage" type situation - mainly because you have many older men out here who have amassed wealth somehow (whether it be via honest means or not)who feel entitled to the consist ant stream of young women who come out here to be models, actresses, etc.

Now if you're interested in a man 15+ years older than you for healthy reasons and it's mutual - GREAT, but if it's just for $$$ I suggest you do some soul searching - because the old men who are after you generally lack a soul.

Older rich men in LA who date young women really throw off the natural balance of nature, because it creates difficulty amongst the population of young men who'd normally date these women. In fact if you go back an an earlier post I wrote on "MenWem", you'll see how it causes behavioral abnormalities in many of the young men out here along with straight up bitterness towards their female counterparts.

Not all young women who live out here fall into the "Gilded Cage" trap, but it can be difficult not to when your tempted by trendy clothes, a nice car, dinners in 5 star restaurants and other things that money can buy. Hell, I almost feel into that trap but fortuntately I tend to remind myself to look at things from alternate perspectives.
Los Angeles women - don't look for old emotionally stunted rich men to make a life for you. Create one yourself - you have the power. Also you might find that dating a man in your age range who understands that a dinner in a nice restaurant is great sometimes but a hike in the mountains or a trip to a lake along with great conversation and understanding is just as fulfilling.

Check out this pic, am I intuitive in regards to choosing sides or what?

Lately I've been looking through my old photos of family, friends, places, etc - I haven't done that in a while, but I'm glad I have recently because it's nice to see how far I've come in life and where I've been - yea, there have been ups and downs but I wouldn't trade any of my experiences at all because I really love who I am now and where I am now (and you better believe many of those experiences were AMAZING - I've been to Stone Henge, the Eifel Tower, the Hollywood sign, and tons more - oh and I'm not even close to being done yet).
Last weekend I attended a "womens gathering" hosted by a good friend of mine - it was GREAT! I haven't hung out with such a diverse group of positive thinking women in a long time - I'll be hosting one sometime soon for sure.
I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing for the Holidays yet but I'm looking forward to them - I have a feeling that the rest of this year will wrap up nicely.

Oh, enjoy this last pic - especially the nipple flash part :)