Monday, November 10, 2008

Over the past few days I had the opportunity to take what many would deem as a "trip of a lifetime". From staying at a top notch hotel in a desirable tropical location to seeing both the prep time and actual event of one of the most pricey, thrilling and popular boating events in the world.
Initially I'd anticipated the trip as being one that would be very smooth and without problems (as well as an opportunity to visit with my best friend), and though I and the individual I took the journey with had a pleasant time - unfortunately there were a few mishapse, misunderstandings and material losses along the way.
What I learned on this excursion however is that often when ou think you're taking a journey for one reason, in actuality the universe may be trying to show you and teach you something completely different than you could have ever imagined due to your mindset before departing on that particular journey.
I'm glad to be back in sunny Hollywood, California and I have a very fresh, optimistic and motivated mindset. I'm beinning to understand that many losses, especially material ones, may be for the reason of a deeper spiritual and psychological gain. I must say that this recent journey re-centered my soul and I feel back on a positive life track.