Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Though it's Monday, I feel like I'm still on a continuation of last week, being that I've been busy with either a personal or collaborative projects daily starting over a week ago.
I'm glad to be busy because generally being busy leads to productivity which in turn leads to financial gain (hopefully). However lately I've been feeling really drained from being a lot more active mentally than I've been over the past few months.
Mid last week I went to visit a couple of friends of mine, Desi & Elli Foxx and I wound up doing a "spur of the moment" interview with Desi - I'll post a clip of it here later in the week, but I plan on editing the interview for my upcoming site "gettingintoporn.com" - in the interview Desi and I discuss how doing live webcam shows is a vital key in making a living as a "porn star" .
Tomorrow I'm going to tag along/assist with the costuming of one of my co-stars for my final AV role. I'm glad to have a chance to participate in this wardrobe process, I've learned a lot.
I'm looking into buying some new photography equiptment (lighting primarily) to start getting my photography business up to par. Living in Los Angeles is such a bonus when it comes to my photography business/hobby because used equiptment here is abundant and inexpensive. Also there are tons of models to work with who will work on a TFCD basis.
I have been neglecting REDTback.com - not purposefully (of course), but hopefully I'll have all the changes and updates started shortly.
Ok, well this blog is a bit short and cold and bland, but I'll post some pics and video to make up for it later. Oh and thanks for all the cool email's lately in regards to my retirement from AV after this last feature role. I love the porn world but everyone needs to try other avenues.