Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Though a traditional education is valuable and definitely a bonus in many circumstances and arenas of our world, often times the best forms of education come in via experience, apprenticeship and basically just "tagging along".
Today was part 2 of the costuming process for the role I've been cast to play in my final porn role which is set to be shot in December of this year. I had the opportunity again to run around with the owner/director/set designer/wardrobe consultant of the studio which is producing the movie. I definitely learned a lot about wardrobe and creating and authentic "look" for the film once again - it was GREAT!
Though many people both in and outside of my life might not agree with my personal and career choices over the past few years, I am very pleased with the path that life has set me on. My ultimate goal is to work behind the scenes in some capacity in the world of entertainment (adult and/or mainstream) and as of current, every experience that I've found myself in - especially over the past few months has really been very beneficial to me getting to where I'd like to go.