Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well from what I've heard (and of course I've checked on this) it will be rainy most of the coming week. Yes, for many Californians this totally throws them off but not me! I'm from south east Florida where a category 3 hurricane doesn't stop you from going clubbing so I welcome the rain here in dry ass, but beautiful southern Califronia.

Last night was a fun night of webcamming, as will be tonight and the remainder of my weekend, however my boyfriend got me out of the house today to Venice beach which was a ton of fun. I picked up (rather my bf bought me) one of those cute floppy sweater caps (I'll post a photo), which I plan on wearing well into the spring, and of course if I make it up in to the mountains to see the snow this season. It's amazing how something as simple as the right hat, can add to your life :)

As many of you, my readers, fans and friends know, Monica Foster has pretty much wrapped up her career as a porn talent, but will continue as a webcam girl, online "personality" and hopefully adult content producer/director. The woman who created "Monica Foster" I feel (even though I'm tooting my own horn a bit but justifiably so) has a pretty bright future. However, I can't stop to think as to where other porn talents will wind up considering this industry "slow down" which has almost turned into a "stand still".

I had a conversation about this with someone recently, and I suppose as a porn talent, though you options may be limited in some individuals views, if you're a forward thinker you options are "limitless".

As I've said in the past the most important thing is to do as an entertainer of any sort is to have your web presence going on. The web really is the gateway to the world, and even though the US is in economic crisis, other countries are not, and with the web, you can reach markets in other countries all from the comfort of your own home. I suppose what separates a "limited" mindset from a "limitless" mindset is simply a person's drive and motivation. is very close to launching. Ms. Afrodite will be bringing up a lot of subject matter that I wanted to touch on as Monica Foster, but couldn't. Why? Well you'll have to check out the site to find out.

One thing in particular I will be touching on will be what it REALLY is to be a woman in the porn industry: the mindsets and motivations behind what propels someone to take the leap, along with the motivations of those behind the scenes who push those who become the true "porn stars".

One of the primarily reasons I love the porn industry, is the psychology which is behind it. The psychology of the performers, those who work behind the scenes AND the viewers.

I've noticed the MAIN problem with porn, and why it's "dying" is due to the "porn powers that be" not allowing the public to really get to know the performers. I'll tell you right now why that is right now: FEAR. Think of the "porn powers that be" as being the most ANGRY and BITTER people at your highschool reunion. Yes - I said it.

Most performers are kept in a "dream state" , whether it be by those around them blowing smoke up their ass or pushing powder up their noses. VERY FEW porn performers do what they do for reasons that they won't regret. I'm bold enough to state that I am one of the few. will explain why.

I'm under the impression that those that feed off the talent in the entertainment industry as a whole have the goal of keeping their talents/clinets from ever realizing how successful they truly are. Most performers have no clue as to how much power they actually possess or how "famous" they really are until they sober up, look around and find they own nothing from their efforts. It's sad.

I thought I knew a lot as an exotic dancer, I thought I knew even more as a webcam girl and then I thought I knew it all as a "pornstar". Since making the choice to stop performing as a porn actress I've learned so much more that I'm surprised my concept of reality hasn't shattered. Funny thing is that I've realized that the vast amount of info I've stumbled upon in reality is just a very narrow glimpse as to the true "big picture".

Anyways, I have enough insight and material to keep me rambling on about the realities of porn, sexuality, relationships, and life for ages. Buckle up bitches because 2010 is gonna be a wild, fun and eye opening ride.