Friday, February 05, 2010

I'm technically writing this blog Friday morning, but according to my internal clock - it's still Thursday night.

I pulled an all nighter tonight/this morning because I was really excited and anxious to post online my most recent video interview with an incredible up and coming Alternative Scene model and Stage Dancer that I recently met named Tiffany Truth.

Tiffany works in a very interesting niche of entertainment. She's definitely not a hardcore pornstar, but she's not exactly vanilla mainstream either. She's one of the few entertainers who manages to walk the tightrope between the adult and mainstream, and I have a feeling if she can maintain her balancing act, she'll wind up incredibly successful.

I had the opportunity yesterday to photograph this interesting young diva (who could possibly teach Tyra Banks a thing or 2 about posing), and sit down to do an in depth interview with her as to who she is, where she's been and where she's striving to go...

It's so refreshing to come across a kindrid spirit who doesn't believe in limitations and who's strong enough to follow their dreams without holding back.

Enjoy :) (if the vids don't show up - view the interview on

More interviews such as this one will be coming soon on a new branch of the "World of Monica Foster" on