Monday, February 01, 2010

This weekend was very "balanced". I managed to get a lot accomplished in all areas of my life. If I can manage to make the remainder of 2010 (and I'll take it even further - if the remainder of my life) mirror this past weekend, I'll wind up feeling and being a very happy and successful woman.

Saturday late afternoon I went on a hike with my BF - this was the first long hike I've been on since having that terrible flu (which actually may have been a blessing in disguise being that I don't have any real desire to smoke cigs anymore). It felt great to get the blood flowing and the fresh air in my lungs. I'm very fortunate to live close to Runyon Canyon park - it's a really great hiking trail.

Saturday evening my BF and I had a really nice night on the town - it began with a few tequila shots and closed with a fantastic modern (and tipsy) Thai dinner. 2 thumbs up yum :)

Tomorrow I'll be meeting with a couple of other women I know for a morning hike. Totally looking forward to it - getting in a good workout is great solo, but it's even better in the company of good friends.

This week I'll be working on my websites as usual along with being live on my webcam. I'm very excited about a couple of the new projects I'm launching this month and judging by the emails I've been receiving from those of you who are my fans and friends, you're excited as well :)

One of the projects I'm launching which has a focus on ethnic women in porn I feel will be very well received. I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't able to get more participation in the project from a few of the ethnic pornstars I approached - especially considering the amount of traffic it would have driven to their websites and such. I guess some people just don't think long term, or simply don't think at all. It's sad to see how so many woman in the porn industry live their lives as a common street walker listening to their suitcase pimp boyfriends or "managers" who don't have their best interest in mind at all.

I really don't have respect for anyone in (or out of) the porn industry who thinks being a "pornstar" means having an outdated website (or no website at all) and being a bargain basement hooker most of the month. That type of lifestyle shows no real effort at all, and basically says "Hey, I'm lazy as fuck and I've totally given up on trying to achieve any dreams I may have had or ANYTHING worth while for that matter".

Anyways, to end this blog on a bright note, I'm very excited about the new IPad. What an incredible computing device (and for such a great price!!!!!!). As soon as they are available for purchase, I will be getting one.