Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My show Monica @ Home (www.MonicaAtHome.com) will be back tomorrow. I've needed to skip it the past couple of days due to needing a bit of time to myself.

I've actually gotten a lot of work done over the past few days and am returning back to my productive and creative self - actually a better version of my past self due to my recent emotionally challenging event which has allowed me to grow, mature and open doors to my true inner being which I was initially aware of, but allowed to remain closed due to fears.

I read a cool blog by Miss Julie Meadows in regards to another blog about the difference between a "mindless bimbo" who does porn because she feels she has no other choice versus an educated woman who chooses to enter porn knowingly (though she may be more naive about the realities of the porn industry than she's aware of).

When it comes to choosing to do porn, or choosing to do anything in life - even when you make a conscious "choice" to do it, often times you're a victim of circumstance that brought you to making a choice between doing one thing, or another thing to begin with.

I definitely wasn't a super broke crack whore when I "chose" to enter the porn industry, but I definitely wasn't wealthy when it comes to what my levels of self esteem or self worth were. Porn definitely hasn't made me rich monetarily in the end, but it HAS granted me great wealth in the 2 areas I initially lacked (self esteem and a sense of self worth), via the people I've met, the circumstances I've found myself in and path it's put me on in really taking a good hard look at exactly who and what I am (even the parts I never wanted to and was AFRAID to look at before).

I feel very good right now. Great in fact. I've wasted a lot of time waiting for things, situations and people that never existed. I'm moving forward now with my life and creative projects with the strength of "vengeance".

Goes to show once again, when you get knocked down, all you gotta do is collect yourself, stand up, dust yourself off, and take a step in a better direction.