Monday, March 22, 2010

Well it's a bright and sun shiny Monday afternoon and I feel as though I'm getting my mind back on track and have a good picture as to what I want to do over the next 2 months (which is to save as much $ as possible), and where I want to be at the end of that time frame (a good distance away from California - I may come back in a few years, but definitely not to Los Angeles).

Last week was a difficult week emotionally, but it ended on a good note. I worked for 2 days in a row, which was a LOT of fun. I'm starting to think that I should have wound up in professional female wrestling rather than porn. I'm more of an action hero type of girl.

Sunday I checked in with all of you, my Monica Foster peeps, for my 1 hour weekly webcam show. A big thanks to everyone who stopped in to say hello.

I'm over the guy who chose to date for the past year and a half. I'm just not into being lied to, being deceived, being left in the dark, or manipulative mind games any longer. There were good times in the beginning yes, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm simply not willing to deal with a someone who stays in close contact with ex's - especially when it is for monetary reasons (or otherwise for that matter). It's just too weird for me to imagine why a MAN would need to borrow money from a WOMAN, when he's able bodied and capable enough to EARN it himself (even though it might take time).

I suppose due to money being such an element of control in my youth, it's not an issue I want to deal with in relationships in my adult years. It took about 4 bottles of wine to work through my pain, followed by a solid day of puking my guts out to cleanse my spirit of that man, but it's over and done with now and I feel better.

Actually on my vomiting/hangover day I read the book The Betrayal Bond: Breaking Free of Exploitive Relationships - that book gave me specific definition to what my personal issues with many of my past relationships have stemmed from and granted me a major degree of enlightenment.

This link: also gave me a fresh perspective and will help me to not do a repeat of the past ever again.

At 31 years of age, I'm finding myself entering a new chapter of life, and a new era of simply "being". I've finally come to terms with the fact that I really do have the power to shape my life and surroundings to be whatever I want them to be (this "Monica Foster" endeavor is a pretty good example), however I don't have the power to shape other people to be what I want them to be - and to even try is a waste of time and energy.

I'm done with trying to be anyone other than exactly who I am (and who I truly am, is MANY things on MANY levels) - and I'm over allowing anyone else to try to mold me into who they want me to be rather than who I am. I suppose I could sum all of this up, by saying that my tolerance level for BS has lowered completely to 0.

In quite a few instances prior to moving to Los Angeles, and post moving to Los Angeles, I've only allowed myself to see what I wanted to see - and not what truly was or is. I have a feeling that many of us in this life have that problem at times, but what makes that such a dangerous problem to have, is when people around you are AWARE that you're only seeing what you want to see, because often in such a situation such people will exploit you for what you don't see. Such people are sick and usually sociopathic. Unfortunately Los Angeles is infested which such types of people, but hey wouldn't it be? People with such traits would gravitate toward this place being that the entertainment industry is where such people can thrive. I didn't know or see before, but now I do.

I'm not completely dissapointed with Los Angeles. I needed to come here I believe in order to open the door to learn more about exactly who I am and what I want and what I'm meant to do with my time here on earth. Los Angeles right now isn't a healthy place for me to be, I need to be somewhere I can be more in touch with nature and more able to help others who aren't sure what path in life to take.

Here's a few movie recommendations for those of you with a Netflix account: The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc , He's on My Mind , Confessions of an Action Hero.

Well, that's about all I have to write about today. I will be on webcam all day today and tonight and the rest of the week. Hope to see you online soon :)