Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well, I was drinking some pinot noir this morning, and I decided to do a video blog...I hat quite a bit to talk about - so enjoy.

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Oh, and to clarify (I lost track of thought in my video blog) in regards to my "speaking up" at the AHC / Osha hearing - screw that - considering how shaky and corrupt of a foundation that the porn industry is built on, I'm not about to speak up to make a change so that I can get shot by a bunch of confederate flag carrying pricks.

I'd rather wait for all the dumb asses to eliminate each other and then when the dust clears, create my foundation atop of top of their decaying corpses - that's what smart people do.

AND one more side note - in this video blog I wondered aloud whether or not Jules Jordan is a trustfund baby - apparently he's not - visit: to read a recent interview on him - very interesting - gives me hope in being able to do SOMETHING with my life at some point.