Tuesday, July 06, 2010

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Last night on www.MonicaAtHome.com was “Miscast Monday” and I discussed my thoughts on what I feel to be casting blunders in the upcoming porn parody “Sex in the City – In search of the Screaming O” from DreamZone entertainment.

I question why adult industry star Sara Jessie was not cast as “Carrie” (in my opinion this may possibly be one of the biggest adult parody miscasts of the year).

I also discussed The Urban X Awards and the performer of the year nominees.

Later I outlined avoiding “middle-men” who work under the guise of “webcam model agents” and “webcam studios” when beginning your career as a webcam model, and how to sign up with the webcam networks such as Imlive.com directly.

Lastly, I answered a few questions from the live viewers and chatters at the end of the broadcast.


On a personal note, life is going pretty well right now. I'm really enjoying my energy level since getting into a regular hike/jog/workout routine (of which I am chronicling on my new blog www.ModernHikerWoman.com - look for the Griffith Park hike update later this week).

I'm far from being to the level of success of which I want to reach both personally and financially (yep I'm still broke), but I feel very wealthy as of current - especially when it comes to my current level of creativity and motivation.

In this stage in the game, I'm turning my back to anyone and anything negative or draining that attempts to enter my sphere of well being, and am only concentrating on creating a world of my own of which I feel accomplished, inspired and happy.

Speaking of turning my back on negativity, a very tall life hurdle I'm finally finding the ability to leap over is "jealousy". When I look back on many instances in my life that I walked away from, ended or that simply went sour - whenever there were issues that were truly my fault in those situations, it was always due to one common theme - my JEALOUSY (of things, people or situations of which I shouldn't have even worried about or allowed to effect how I felt at those times of my life).

I suppose when someone has a jealous nature, it's mainly due to the person being insecure. As I'm moving through life, getting myself together (truly together), and am shaping and forming my life into what I want it to be (a positive, productive and fulfilling one), I'm finding that my self confidence and self esteem are finally reaching a healthy level - so I'm losing the "jealousy tendency". However now that I'm realizing that I have little to be jealous over when it comes to others, I'm beginning to finally, for the first time in my life in a VERY long time experience another emotion, which though healthy, is very uncomfortable - regret.

I've said in the past I have little to no regret over past choices I've made - that is no longer the case.