Thursday, July 08, 2010

So, during last night's broadcast of "Monica @ Home" I went a bit postal and threw a bit of a temper-tantrum due to some rude trollers in the chat room. Hey - I'm human so what can I say (well, I WILL say thank goodness for video editing software - hehe - actually maybe I'll post a video of my tantrum online sometime - it would go viral fairly quickly I'm sure because when I'm angery - I'm ANGRY).

Anyways below is last night's broadcast - the 3rd video is just something that made me very giddy :) Enjoy.

LOL, just watching the 3rd video again really cracks me up - BUT I can totally relate to the narrator (whether it's dramatized or not) because being out in nature - REAL nature sure as hell makes me happy - sends me on a bit of a high actually.

I went to another trail today at Griffith Park and had a great time - I really hope to meet more people in the area that I can enjoy these awesome nature hikes with. Being single is great and I feel settled back into true "single mode", but I'll tell you, having a partner who shares my interests sure would be nice.

I explored the Bronson caves today and they're really cool (check out the video below (or if you're reading this on myspace - check out this same blog on to watch the video). City life is good, but I'm entering a stage in life now of which I'm gravitating more towards urbanization's counterpart (untouched earth calms me down substantially).

I'm lucky to have had the opportunity in life to see and experience many opposing ways of simply "Being". I realize many others on this planet aren't bestowed with such a gift or opportunity.

Getting into hiking has been so great for my train of thought, because it's encouraged me to enjoy living "in the moment" rather than consistently "thinking ahead" or anticipating a desired outcome. When I'm out in nature, I really just enjoy being there - thinking back to other times in my life, I didn't enjoy the immediate moments nearly enough.

By the way, I've created the ULTIMATE channel for my outdoor excursions. I suppose I'll have to purchase the music to keep on my ipod and/or iphone for when I explore some trails later this summer that will take me out of the 3G coverage range :)

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