Friday, July 23, 2010

Upcoming show topics for the next week.

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Why the age limit to perform in adult movies (porn) needs to be raised from 18 to 21 - primarily due to the disturbing rise of "kiddie themes" in even "mainstream" adult movies - and how the "Barely Legal" themes lead to pedophilia in our society both nationally and internationally.

I believe in freedom of speech thought and expression, but as of current the pedophile themed adult content is getting out of control and is majorly warping the minds of youth not just in America but internationally as well.

I will discuss how a "healthy" sex life (in my opinion) should equate to a mature, and psychologically balanced ADULT mindset and how this mindset links to having a successful (or unsuccessful) relationships.

I'll also talk about how as an adult talent, if you're not "Contracted" (or in bed) with 1 of about 4 adult studios or adult industry key individuals who own virtually the entire "mainstream porn" industry - do you have a chance in hell of winning ANY awards (unless you shell out money to sponsor an awards event)?

Tube Sites - do they REALLY negatively effect the profits of the porn industry, or in actuality do they POSITIVELY effect the profits? Could it be that their purpose is to indoctrinate and condition the current under 18 year old population into being psychologically triggered by certain (and disturbingly youthful appearing) adult actresses and sexual acts, which later down the line will successfully convert into a paying client base when they're over 18.

I also will discuss who really owns and funds these Tube sites (such as and how their successful "brainwashing" techniques could easily be applied to other business models ( or new porn studios for that matter ).

This particular show may actually make you wonder if the most "popular" pornstars in actuality are nothing more than the ringing bell of Pavlov's dog theory/experiment.

I will also discuss the link between Anime, Hentai and current adult (live action) movies and why you as a parent may want to keep your children away from Anime cartoons such as Sailor Moon until they are teenagers being that much of Hentai on first glance is virtually indistinguishable from G-rated Anime.

This show is specifically for parents of teenagers. I will xplain how to break it to your parents that you've entered the adult industry and I will discuss the signs you should look for in regards to your son or daughter potentially being recruited to work as an adult actor or actress (pornstar) - along with the warning signs of a "pimp".

I will also discuss ways in which you can locate your son or daughter if you suspect he or she has entered the adult industry.

Ways in which I feel adult content producers (porn studio owners) could be more responsible when it comes to promoting both safe and healthy sex to young people - especially being that it's young people who are a vast majority of who keeps them afloat financially.

I will also touch on how I've noticed that the "feature dancer" agencies have a severe lack of ethnic "feature dancers".