Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Short blog tonight, but felt the need to update since my last entry:

I'm very pleased to announce that I finally "officially" (I love that word) have a purpose driven life. I thought I did before but I wasn't quite an adult and awake yet. I suppose sometimes it takes a life changing event (which can often be a cleverly wrapped gift) to finally push you through the door into reality.

I was motivated before, but lets say that if my motivation level was on floor 12 of a 100 story building, I've just beamed up to floor 85 (keep in mind I don't know exactly HOW tall the building actually is).

Like today's most influential artists (think Madonna, Cher, Michael Jackson, Prince) , I believe in the need to reinvent yourself from time to time - why? Because if you're not consistently evolving, then you might as well not be walking this earth.

I thought I was taking "Monica Foster" and "Mighty Afrodite" and my other projects in a certain direction - but it looks like I'll be heading in a different direction.

I need to make a few things clear - my views, perspectives, beliefs and ideas are mine and mine alone. I am completely independent as of current in virtually all areas of my life - especially when it comes to my spirituality. I believe in God - but I have my own view and feel of God. I don't identify with any one particular religion and I'd appreciate it if those out there who read my writings and watch my videos NOT attempt to force their views and/or agendas upon me. In other words - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECRUIT ME.

I've come to realize (especially after my recent brush with some extreme negativity, evil and darkness) that finding an internal "balance" is important, however I've also come to realize that I'm definitely someone who is here to assist in tipping the scales on an energetic and universal level towards the positive, good & light.

I knew all along that working independently was the way I needed to go - I suppose I simply had to test the waters and see what it was like working with various "teams" (I needed to know) - and it looks like that what I felt in my soul was correct all along.

This is a picture from Helen Folasade Adu 's website - I really love it.

Remember to always treat others with the same regard of which you'd want to be treated.