Saturday, July 31, 2010

This week's Monica @ Home broadcasts have finally been posted to and

Below is Friday night's broadcast of which I focus on the recent Montana Fishburne sex tape scandal and how Brian Pumper should have stayed away from this naive and obviously confused 19 year old woman.

Below is Thursday night's broadcast specifically geared towards teens, young adults and parents in regards to:

1)young people being honest with their parent's and/or loved ones about working in adult entertainment
2)signs that parents may want to look for if they suspect their young adult children are currently working in or considering working in the porn industry.
3)Signs of which your daughter's (and in some cases son's) boyfriend may be a pimp.
4) How if your son or daughter has gone missing in their late teens, it might be beneficial for your to check adult agency websites when searching for them.

On Monday's broadcast I primarily discuss how I feel the minimum age limit to work as a porn talent needs to be raised from 18 years old to 21 years old - I think the most recent events in regards to Laurence Fishburne's daughter Montana - prove my point.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well all signs are pointing to the end of the Monica Foster in Los Angeles "era". I tried for quite some time to blindfold myself to that fact, but the blindfold has been worn through to nothing by the wind, rain, and other torrential elements to where I can no longer help but face the simple facts that it's time to go.

I suppose a part of me is bitter that nothing was really as I'd hoped it would be here on the west coast. I really love this place - it's beautiful, but maybe I wasn't ready or strong enough (or both) to make it out here.

At the end of August I have to relocate to somewhere else in the country. Living here is too expensive.

The woman who created Monica Foster feels like a loser and an idiot at times. It wasn't just money, fame or career that motivated me to move here. It was love too - my love of the arts, my love of adventure and my love of wanting to achieve all I could. In the end even after I stopped performing in porn, I stayed here only due to the romantic love I felt for another. I believed that if you had enough hope and faith and drive that you couldn't fail and things would work out. Spiritually I have grown but in every other capacity I have been depleted.

Today the woman who created Monica Foster spoke with her father to ask for help. I never really want to ask anyone for help. It's the most difficult thing for me to do in the world, which is why I never ask anyone of anything. I'd rather give of myself until I have nothing left than to ask anyone for a damn thing, but today I did and in return I was asked "Why haven't you settled down and gotten married?"

Good question.

I've been married once in the past. I've never really wanted to admit this, but I'll admit it today - I loved the man I was once married to but he didn't love me. He was a tall beautiful man with several good qualities from Romania. Unfortunately he had bad qualities too - one of which was lack of respect for me and lack of honesty overall. I was around 22 at the time. He tricked me into marrying him, screwed up my credit and used me for his green card. That's all there is too it and I hope he gets treated in the same way one day by someone he finds himself caring about.

I've had other offers of marriage - since after that incident. I could have had a family before - but it wouldn't have been under good circumstances - wrong reasons. Others offers maybe possibly would have been for the right reasons - who knows - however I stayed single. I had and still do have dreams and goals. No one I've ever come across romantically has ever acknowledged or taken seriously those dreams or goals though and/or has been on a path parallel to my own.

My father asked me "what went wrong" with my and my sister's lives when it comes to men. I responded 1) Lack of a healthy male role model and idea of what a real marriage really should be (my parents split in my early teens) and 2) My mother consistently saying not to settle.

My father went on to say how in this life you just can't make it on your own - especially financially. Maybe he's right cause I'm definitely not making it and it's scary as hell - but one thing I will say is that it's not for lack of trying.

Men, I will never figure out and I don't think it's meant for me too. I have managed to have had every man I've ever dated use me for something and then discard of me (often without explanation) . Relationships - I give up. Finances - I'm clueless about.

At this point I might not ever have a marriage or even someone to date considering my adult entertainment career choices, but all in all I think it's OK because maybe I'm just dating and could possibly simply be married to myself for now.

I'll finish up with my planned Monica @ Home ( schedule for this week, but then I'm done for a while. I'm depressed and trying my best to hold on to at least a corner of the boat in this sea of hell. Maybe eventually the tide will wash me ashore somewhere nice.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Upcoming show topics for the next week.

(live broadcast on:

Why the age limit to perform in adult movies (porn) needs to be raised from 18 to 21 - primarily due to the disturbing rise of "kiddie themes" in even "mainstream" adult movies - and how the "Barely Legal" themes lead to pedophilia in our society both nationally and internationally.

I believe in freedom of speech thought and expression, but as of current the pedophile themed adult content is getting out of control and is majorly warping the minds of youth not just in America but internationally as well.

I will discuss how a "healthy" sex life (in my opinion) should equate to a mature, and psychologically balanced ADULT mindset and how this mindset links to having a successful (or unsuccessful) relationships.

I'll also talk about how as an adult talent, if you're not "Contracted" (or in bed) with 1 of about 4 adult studios or adult industry key individuals who own virtually the entire "mainstream porn" industry - do you have a chance in hell of winning ANY awards (unless you shell out money to sponsor an awards event)?

Tube Sites - do they REALLY negatively effect the profits of the porn industry, or in actuality do they POSITIVELY effect the profits? Could it be that their purpose is to indoctrinate and condition the current under 18 year old population into being psychologically triggered by certain (and disturbingly youthful appearing) adult actresses and sexual acts, which later down the line will successfully convert into a paying client base when they're over 18.

I also will discuss who really owns and funds these Tube sites (such as and how their successful "brainwashing" techniques could easily be applied to other business models ( or new porn studios for that matter ).

This particular show may actually make you wonder if the most "popular" pornstars in actuality are nothing more than the ringing bell of Pavlov's dog theory/experiment.

I will also discuss the link between Anime, Hentai and current adult (live action) movies and why you as a parent may want to keep your children away from Anime cartoons such as Sailor Moon until they are teenagers being that much of Hentai on first glance is virtually indistinguishable from G-rated Anime.

This show is specifically for parents of teenagers. I will xplain how to break it to your parents that you've entered the adult industry and I will discuss the signs you should look for in regards to your son or daughter potentially being recruited to work as an adult actor or actress (pornstar) - along with the warning signs of a "pimp".

I will also discuss ways in which you can locate your son or daughter if you suspect he or she has entered the adult industry.

Ways in which I feel adult content producers (porn studio owners) could be more responsible when it comes to promoting both safe and healthy sex to young people - especially being that it's young people who are a vast majority of who keeps them afloat financially.

I will also touch on how I've noticed that the "feature dancer" agencies have a severe lack of ethnic "feature dancers".

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sometimes I forget to breathe. At times I suppose many of us in mortal form forget to do that from time to time - but being that I just remembered to do so - I'm going to - deeply.

Check back in with me in about 2 weeks - you might be able to catch me on webcam for private shows here and there, but that's about it for now - live show links of course are on

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another fresh installment of
broadcast on 7-12-2010

Watch more Monica @ Home on

Thursday, July 08, 2010

So, during last night's broadcast of "Monica @ Home" I went a bit postal and threw a bit of a temper-tantrum due to some rude trollers in the chat room. Hey - I'm human so what can I say (well, I WILL say thank goodness for video editing software - hehe - actually maybe I'll post a video of my tantrum online sometime - it would go viral fairly quickly I'm sure because when I'm angery - I'm ANGRY).

Anyways below is last night's broadcast - the 3rd video is just something that made me very giddy :) Enjoy.

LOL, just watching the 3rd video again really cracks me up - BUT I can totally relate to the narrator (whether it's dramatized or not) because being out in nature - REAL nature sure as hell makes me happy - sends me on a bit of a high actually.

I went to another trail today at Griffith Park and had a great time - I really hope to meet more people in the area that I can enjoy these awesome nature hikes with. Being single is great and I feel settled back into true "single mode", but I'll tell you, having a partner who shares my interests sure would be nice.

I explored the Bronson caves today and they're really cool (check out the video below (or if you're reading this on myspace - check out this same blog on to watch the video). City life is good, but I'm entering a stage in life now of which I'm gravitating more towards urbanization's counterpart (untouched earth calms me down substantially).

I'm lucky to have had the opportunity in life to see and experience many opposing ways of simply "Being". I realize many others on this planet aren't bestowed with such a gift or opportunity.

Getting into hiking has been so great for my train of thought, because it's encouraged me to enjoy living "in the moment" rather than consistently "thinking ahead" or anticipating a desired outcome. When I'm out in nature, I really just enjoy being there - thinking back to other times in my life, I didn't enjoy the immediate moments nearly enough.

By the way, I've created the ULTIMATE channel for my outdoor excursions. I suppose I'll have to purchase the music to keep on my ipod and/or iphone for when I explore some trails later this summer that will take me out of the 3G coverage range :)

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Monica At Home - Part 1

Monica At Home - Part 2

Monica At Home - Part 3

Last night on was “Miscast Monday” and I discussed my thoughts on what I feel to be casting blunders in the upcoming porn parody “Sex in the City – In search of the Screaming O” from DreamZone entertainment.

I question why adult industry star Sara Jessie was not cast as “Carrie” (in my opinion this may possibly be one of the biggest adult parody miscasts of the year).

I also discussed The Urban X Awards and the performer of the year nominees.

Later I outlined avoiding “middle-men” who work under the guise of “webcam model agents” and “webcam studios” when beginning your career as a webcam model, and how to sign up with the webcam networks such as directly.

Lastly, I answered a few questions from the live viewers and chatters at the end of the broadcast.


On a personal note, life is going pretty well right now. I'm really enjoying my energy level since getting into a regular hike/jog/workout routine (of which I am chronicling on my new blog - look for the Griffith Park hike update later this week).

I'm far from being to the level of success of which I want to reach both personally and financially (yep I'm still broke), but I feel very wealthy as of current - especially when it comes to my current level of creativity and motivation.

In this stage in the game, I'm turning my back to anyone and anything negative or draining that attempts to enter my sphere of well being, and am only concentrating on creating a world of my own of which I feel accomplished, inspired and happy.

Speaking of turning my back on negativity, a very tall life hurdle I'm finally finding the ability to leap over is "jealousy". When I look back on many instances in my life that I walked away from, ended or that simply went sour - whenever there were issues that were truly my fault in those situations, it was always due to one common theme - my JEALOUSY (of things, people or situations of which I shouldn't have even worried about or allowed to effect how I felt at those times of my life).

I suppose when someone has a jealous nature, it's mainly due to the person being insecure. As I'm moving through life, getting myself together (truly together), and am shaping and forming my life into what I want it to be (a positive, productive and fulfilling one), I'm finding that my self confidence and self esteem are finally reaching a healthy level - so I'm losing the "jealousy tendency". However now that I'm realizing that I have little to be jealous over when it comes to others, I'm beginning to finally, for the first time in my life in a VERY long time experience another emotion, which though healthy, is very uncomfortable - regret.

I've said in the past I have little to no regret over past choices I've made - that is no longer the case.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Another fresh installment of

Tonight I discuss avoiding "middle men" when signing up to be a webcam girl and the new adult series from New Sensations "The Romance Series".

Friday, July 02, 2010

Another fun broadcast of from last night.
The next live broadcast will be this Friday evening at 10pm PST.

Monica Foster at Home

I finally put together a new blog on Runyon Canyon for my new site and blog as well. Enjoy :)