Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Each time I think I'm getting close to the completion of my second book and am amidst the editing process, my perspective on many of the events of which have transpired within the California adult entertainment industry and the manner of which I want to share my journey changes.

I suppose that with each day we live, and with each new experience and encounter we find ourselves a part of, our perspective is broadened (while other times narrowed) and altered. At times this process can be exciting and enlightening - other times frustrating...especially when we (or at least I) struggle to grasp exactly what we're perceiving and processing.

Maybe that's why writers remain writers throughout their lives - writers are seekers, explorers, recorders and teachers - whether they want to accept the responsibility or not.

So I've been introduced to the raw food diet recently. It's not really a "diet" - it's how all human beings should be eating period - from birth. Initially I was wary and resistant to it (as I am of many things), but a healthier way of living (mainly eating) is something I feel I'm ready for at this moment. The more I've read about the raw food way of living and the benefits of such a lifestyle, I really can't find a reason why anyone wouldn't want to do it.

A new friend of mine introduced me to the "diet" and didn't really try to sell me on it...he didn't have to actually because he's a walking billboard for how it can enhance your life.

My initial thoughts on "raw food"....hmmmm....honestly looking at it - from the way it's prepared, to how it's served, to just the overall "raw" state of the ingredients, it DOES appears as though it was just beamed down from the Star Trek mothership. The taste is a bit alien as well...but why should I really be surprised really - California is like another planet in comparison to the east coast.

I'm not going to go cold-turkey raw...I'm going to do it gradually. I ordered a blender and a few other vitals to get started. The food in general doesn't cost more or less than "regular" food - actually from my perspective as of current I'll basically be eating nothing but fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, and water. I'm sure there are a few other raw items included on the menu - I was given a book on this "diet" - so we'll see what happens.

Something I've noticed from the bit of raw-food I've had so far, is that it's very very filling considering how little you find yourself actually ingesting. I suppose that's due to it being chock full of nutrients that one generally doesn't get in processed "regular" food. This is a benefit to me because overall I see eating as a big waste of time and would prefer that I was never hungry...yep I'm weird I know but I've always found bodily needs to be annoying.

Of course I'll be documenting my thoughts and progress on how this way of eating and living works out via my blogs and what not.

If you're curious about the raw food diet and how to get started, here's a cool youtube video I found that gives a decent overview. I have a feeling that in time I'll be creating one similar once I'm all raw and ready - lol.