Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's not even 12pm here but it's been quite a long day already. I had the opportunity to attend and speak at an LA City Council meeting this morning - quite the anxiety filled experience (I have no problem chit chatting with hundreds of people live online - but offline...that's another story...I'm shy) - but at the same time a much needed experience. I'll detail it all later. For now enjoy last night's broadcast of Monica Foster @ Home.

In the beginning of the broadcast, I share my thoughts on Shelley Lubben and the Pink Cross and the lack of balance between pro-porn and anti-porn groups. I address why I was an active participant in Not the Cosbys XXX 1 and 2 though I disagree with the character of "Rudy" played by Nina Devon which I feel depicts the sexualized image of a child.

I go over why watching adult content can lead a person to a false view of the type of partner they feel they should be with and unrealistic expectations of standards of beauty. I also touch on why I feel older men (especially those who work in the porn industry) are as obsessed with young women as they are, which I feel is due to their stunted unhealthy psychological state - a part of the reason as to why the porn industry is consistently active in recruiting women as young as possible (for both adult content AND for the men who work behind the scenes who are addicted to sex).
I give a live prayer session with my live viewers and pray for those affected by the Pornwikileaks issue.

Later in PART 2 of the broadcast I discuss the shady recruitment methods of porn industry "professionals" via social networking sites and possible extortion tactics within the porn and adult entertainment industry that people (espcially youngsters) should be aware of.