Monday, June 13, 2011

On this installment of Monica Foster at Home , I discuss the most recent news in the adult entertainment (porn) industry - specifically Cal-OSHA's decision to implement a condom mandate (condoms are now required for sexual intercourse within porn industry ).

I also discuss the currently known details in regards to Kacey Jordan and her alleged rape and departure from twitter. I go over how her entrance, exit and thought process while working within the adult entertainment industry (porn and escorting) is not an uncommon one and how I feel many young men and women are conditioned by the media (adult and mainstream) into having unrealistic expectations in the "real world" - and how the porn industry (and entertainment in general) readily exploits young individuals who are naive and harbor far too much trust in people who are essentially predators.

I inserted Kacey Jordan's final twitter videos and photos of the bloody bedsheets of her alleged rape (which happened in the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas) into this broadcast (courtesy of her twitvid and twitpic accounts).

Towards the end of the broadcast I discuss how though I'm glad safer sex practices are being implemented into the porn industry, I fear for countless young men and women who will be lured out of the country to work in over-seas porn markets (where condoms are not mandatory and few things are regulated at all in regards to sex workers). I discuss the link between human trafficking and porn and provide tips and warning signs as to how to keep your friends, family and loved ones safe from falling unwittingly into a world that they may not be prepared for.

I also note the currently missing Lauren Spierer and how often women with her appearance and stats who go missing wind up either trafficked out of the country or in the domestic sex industry without anyone noticing.