Thursday, June 16, 2011

Please view my latest update on how I've noticed Mallcom Inc / Jerry Aharony may be profiting from the Pornwikileaks venture which has terrorized myself, family and countless others.

Though I have much more certainty and clarity as to where I can go with my future from here, I've continued to have a rough time emotionally as of late due to the consistent harassment from those who operate the Pornwikileaks project (my stress and anxiety is off the charts and I still am in fear for my safety and life).

I have to say I'm very disappointed in much of humanity (especially people I considered my friends, aquaintences and peers) being that I've had very little assistance and support through this rather dark period of my life, but I suppose it's a lesson learned. Those who have been there for me - I will always consider true friends and I'm very grateful for their presence.

Today I had a bit of a bright spot - someone, who I've never met in person who attacked me apologized.

Here is the link to the video apology:

I'm really surprised by this turn around, and I'm also very impressed. This guy showed a lot of strength and thoughtfulness. In this situation and at this time of my life I really needed such a peace offering.