Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Yesterday was a good day in Monica Foster Land.

As many of you who keep up with me are aware of - there has been a lot of debate and discussion within the adult entertainment and California legal/political arena as to whether or not condoms should be mandatory in the porn industry. Many of you know my views on the matter and FINALLY yesterday a conclusion (it may not be a permanent conclusion - but at least it is for now) was about it here:

Cal/OSHA advisors’ last public meeting on the adult film condoms issue

Mike South's take on the Cal-OSHA meeting

Yesterday's events, along with getting the chance to see an old friend of which I hadn't touched base with in a while, provided me with substantial conclusion and closure in regards to the past 3 years.

At this phase I feel very confident in moving forward in life, and I also feel that I'll receive a chance to regain certain opportunities and elements within my life of which I both lost and of which were essentially stolen from me.

At this point I have many enemies due to my choosing retaliation and retribution over "shutting up and walking away" - however I don't care, because throughout this journey I've learned not only that I have more strength than I was aware of, but that I'm a much better fighter than I'd ever imagined.

I've never been one to follow - I've also never been one to compromise. I'm an idealist (and can be a tad extreme in my views), however I'm always genuine and I speak and write from the heart (and of the truth as I know it).

At this phase I have a renewed sense of purpose and energy. I'm putting all of my time and energy into my uncompleted projects - mainly the character development of the many "off shoots" of "Monica Foster" - I hope that those of you who follow me, enjoy what I'll be manifesting between now and the end of the year.

I'll always look back at this stage of my life and remember that if you truly believe that something can happen, it will. I've learned that listening to yourself is the best option, because the Kingdom of God truly is within us all as both a united people and as individuals.