Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's amazing how adversity and hardship can really ignite your creative juices...

A new friend of mine asked me recently what would be a good way to make some extra money - I thought that was an odd question coming from her (her name is Michelle by the way) considering that she's a woman of such high stature, but she explained to me that times are tough for EVERYONE right now.

I explained to Michelle that my field of expertise is VERY limited - all I really know how to do is webcam, write, create blogs and websites, create graphics, take awesome photographs, edit video and build computers. I suggested that maybe Michelle should start some sort of online broadcast about something along the lines of fashion or being a mom on the go and that I could help her with it, but to my surprise she wanted to try out being a sexy webcam model!

Well - I decided to let Michelle take over my account on Streamate from time to time on

I also set her up with a nice starter blog on

You can also catch her on - Who knows what she'll do from there...

Decided in July not to do an adult parody/character of Michelle Obama - reserving it for something non-adult industry. The real Michelle Obama deserves something better than this.