Monday, January 28, 2008

The cool thing about being me is that I never know WHAT will happen day to day - I love that. In a sense I know losely what I need to acomplish each day but the universe seems to like to throw all kinds of odds and ends at me - I guess mostly because I can take it.
This week should be INCREDIBLY productive and fun - tomorrow I have a date with a really interesting person. Wednesday I'll be brainstorming and rehersing for the first installment of an online series I'll be co-hosting, and then I should be working solidly through to the weekend on both my website and material for another site.
Busy busy busy bee = me
I'm 29 but I love that new teen pop artist Miley Cyrus - mainly because she has the dual identity thing like I do - and her music is pretty cool. I'd love to get into the music world a bit before I'm done being in front of the camera.
Tonight I did my "anti-camgirl" show on the camz network - I love those session - the "Anti-Camgirl" show along with "Red T-back" really are my media "babies" . The best part about doing the shows...the fan mail - I get some really great feedback from the viewers and listeners - and that's what makes it all worth while.
Below is my theme song for the evening:

I'm over the guy who I wrote about in my most recent posts - but I do miss talking to him. My ever present life lesson is that you can't change people or situations - you either are compatable in all areas, or you accept and adapt or you accept and move forward or you don't accept and just walk away.
I'm in love with being in love, and I live to find the love so I need to find someone who thinks along the same lines I do - I really believe that the meaning of life is finding and maintaining love in your romantic world, family world and inner personal world.