Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's the weekend, which is a relaxing time for most, but for me it's a busy busy time. For those of you who've missed seeing me on cam, nows the time to catch me.
Today I spent some time with my mom - there's nothing like going home, even if you don't live there anymore. Somehow no sofa in the world is as soft as your mom's, and no place in the world smells as good as your mom's kitchen, even if nothing's simmering on the stove.
Later tonight I think I'll shoot another pictorial for my website.
This Wednesday will be exciting - I'll be shooting a test run of an online talkshow I was asked to co-host which has the potential of being picked up to tv via foreign markets - I love cutting edge media projects.
Music really does help to heal the soul - especially when it comes to getting over romantic intrests...the song below helped me start the "bounce-back process" - it's one of my favorite songs in general and the lyrics have helped me time and time again - I already feel better :)