Friday, January 25, 2008

Ok, I'm officially a "hot and on the go fetish photographer & videographer" :) - hehe. The past few days I worked with model, personality and awsome friend Amazon Amanda to develop content for her upcoming website. I think I did more in 2 days than an entire production team typically does in a week. I'm tired but feel incredibly energized because I love being productive. Check out some of these results from the shoot later on (a group cast/crew photo is currently postedof course).

Aside from just shooting content, while out of town on this assignment, I also had the chance to meet some really cool people and bond a bit more with some current aquaintances. Some of the people I met really let me vent on some current issues in my life and it was much appreciated. I really had a chance to clear my head. It's always good to hear a fresh perspective from someone that doesn't know you.

Oh last but not least I realized that I forgot that I really have a thing for country music. I'll be listening to some while doing cam shows 2nite.

Recently I let someone who had the potential of being really special to me into my life - but once again it didn't work out due to my hypersensitivity and need for validation - and I wound up a bit hurt. Maybe I'll go a bit more in depth about this but not too deep.....though this dude basicly has his phone tethered to the palm of his hand at all times, he couldn't "find the time" to call when he said he would. Typical "girl gripe" sure, but I'm past the games at this point in my life. If I give in one area, I expect to get in another area. Maybe I should just be a gold digger and forget about receiving from a man what's the most valuable thing of all - his time.

I'm not going to kick myself over this dude though...Why? Well, because my quirks and "off" tendancies are what make me the cool, psychotic and ecentric chick that I am. Also I know that sometime and someplace I'll come across someone who's the perfect compliment to my oddities and requirements - someone who'll maintain the level of communication and consideration that I require

Later on I'll post a little video montage of my roadtrip up to Orlando (the location of the shoot) - it'll give u a real laugh if you're a frequent reader of this blog.