Friday, January 11, 2008

Well today I felt a little down, but whenever I feel sad, there's one place I know to go that could make even the most depressed person in the world feel happy and hopefull - IKEA.
Today I decided to make an IKEA day - I ran my morning errands and then headed out to the store at around 12pm. I've needed a dining table for a pretty long time, so I decided to go ahead and pick one up - IKEA has mix and match table tops and legs which I think is pretty cool so I went with a dark brown top and silver kind of "eclectic" looking legs.
I also picked up a LACK coffee table which I'm using as my TV stand. I wanted to get chairs for the dining table too but they didn't have the ones I thought I wanted in stock. I'm glad though because upon getting home I realized the ones I was thinking of getting wouldn't have looked right anyways.
I want to implement more green into my decor so I also picked up a green area rug. Along with a few other various things like dishes, a chair for my computer desk and some other knick knacks I only wound up spending a little over $200! You can only do that at IKEA.
Normally if I'm shopping alone I don't stop to eat, because I hate eating alone, but today I did, mostly cause it's hard to pass up the IKEA restaurant, but I actually felt ok about it.
Sometime being single I feel really lonely. Quick fixes like booty calls are ok to ease that loneliness at times, but usually that isn't the best thing since most booty call type men are asses.
After I'm done re-arranging my apartment tonight I'll take a few pics and post them.