Friday, February 13, 2009

I haven't had the chance to blog in a while, so I figured this rainy afternoon in LA is the day to do it.
I hit up my first adult industry party this week at a club called "Blue Moon Nights" - a "fetish party" with a few friends of mine and it was great to see a lot of industry people of which I've worked with there.

Actually the more involved in the industry I get, the more I realize how much of a fan I am of certain performers. I've always thought Tommy Gunn (the blond one - and in the background of the above pic - hehe) is really hot, so it was cool meeting him in the VIP area of the party. CLICK HERE for more pics from the event.
I also auditioned for a Lil Wayne music video this week of which I was cast for which was supposed to start shooting tonight but unfortunately was canceled due to the rain :( Hopefully I'll get cast for another one because I've always wanted to be in a music video to see how one is put together.
I'll be doing cam shows most of the weekend as usual. This recession really sucks hard. If I'd entered the west coast entertainment scene a few years ago, I'd already be much better of financially, but because of ex-prez Bush, I'm not. I hope karma really bites him in the ass for what he's done.