Saturday, January 24, 2009

Though primarily what may make an adult video performer is what he or she looks like, what really sets the forerunners apart from the masses is how one presents his or herself or what he/she does on the back end of the business that aids in their success. In other words, it's their mind (and drive) that makes all the difference.
I'm definitely far from being the most intelligent woman out there in the business, but (especially as of late) I've utilized a lot of my tech savvy and business know how to capitalize on what I've done so far, and I'll continue to try to expand my knowledge base to continue my current trend.
I think I set a record for myself today in designing a website for someone in the biz, actually the only thing preventing this particular site from being complete is having to wait on additional media which will be provided by the client (I hate waiting for stuff - so impatient).
Well it's another weekend of cam shows. The great thing about doing shows is that at least it's an interactive activity - well what's even better is hearing immediate feedback from my viewers, fans, and friends on what they think of my XXX scenes, camshows, website, etc.
I love my work, but I can't wait to get more into the production end of the business - that to me is where the true excitement lies.