Monday, June 07, 2010

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Coming through the tunnel...

Though it will still be some time before I leave Los Angeles physically, my mind has already relocated - and it's a great thing.

When I first came here from Florida, I thought I was journeying to my life's final destination. I was chasing things, connections, people and situations that I thought I needed in order to make my life successful and complete. I was chasing what I think most of our society is trained to chase.

I didn't just get glimpses of what I thought I wanted and where I thought I wanted to be - I was able to live within that destination. It was like test driving a car, but fact it was like being able to take out a short term lease out on a car. The car drove smooth for a while, and when it did, it was a very sweet ride - but unfortunately it was a car that cost more money in maintanance and repair than what it was worth.

After one too many costly repairs on the care I leased, I decided to turn the car back in. I figured out I'm better off building my own mode of transportation from scratch. Probably not even a car - I think I'm going to go with attempting to build a teleportation unit...something along the lines of the Star Trek beaming stations.

The first few prototypes might have a few bugs of course, but eventually I'll get the design right. Regardless of whether or not my teleportation unit beams me to the exact destination of where I'm trying to go, at least I'll get there in a fraction of the time that driving would take.

I know the above 2 paragraphs reads strangely, but those who know me will understand.

What's the most interesting to me, is that I've come across people who have been here in Los Angeles far longer than I have, who STILL have their car on lease and are putting almost all of their hard earned spiritual income into the maintanance and repair of it - even though they know the car simply has a flawed design. Maybe they think that if they just get it repaired ONE LAST TIME it'll give them that lifetime of a smooth ride...who knows.

Well I'm glad to have made it through the dark Los Angeles tunnel and back out into the open. The plain I'm on now is nice, sun shiny, a pleasant temprature and wide open. It's a pretty expansive plain with no end in sight, so I suppose it'll be a long journey ahead, but that's OK...I've got a shit load of stamina as many of you out there already know ... and long journeys are what make me the happiest.