Monday, June 14, 2010

I woke up relatively early this morning and full of energy and zip - primarily because I'm simply feeling very good about myself and where I am in life as of late.

The cool thing about working for yourself independently, is that you have the ability to set as small or as large of goals for yourself as you like, whenever you like.

Currently I'm working very hard on finally completing about 3 online projects I started around 6 months ago. One in particular - (a project I dub as the sequel to 'Monica Foster') is just about to launch, and it's launch time is coinciding with transitions I'm going through professionally and personally quite nicely.

Sometimes I wonder what others think of my silly little projects, ambitions and goals - I'm sure many out there think I'm a nut job, but now days I'm fine with that - I'm definitely a different kind of person - artsy and dare I say eccentric, but hey - that's just me and the longer I'm here on this planet, the more it's coming clear to me that the only person's opinion I really need to worry about is my own.

I've started dating someone new - who you may ask? ME! I'm really enjoying the single life, but I've found it really fulfilling to inject romantic and sensual elements into my personal space physically and psychologically. In the past I didn't spoil myself too often (possibly because I had a lower sense of self worth than what I have now), but being in the fresh mindset that I'm in as of current, I'm giving it a try and so far I like it :)

I suppose you could say, I'm beginning to realize that although being with a partner who you love and care about is wonderful (and I do hope to find that again someday), life can feel just as complete when you're solo if you make the effort. I actually am feeling that it may enrich your spiritual worth to date yourself for a while.

I'll say one more thing though...the Hustler store of course helps quite a bit - love ya vibrator technology :)