Monday, June 21, 2010

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If you're really curious about my life at this point in time - and if you want to stop intolerance, prejudice and racism this is a MUST read.

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Since taking the leap to work independently in the adult entertainment industry rather than for other studios, though there was a lull in the beginning (my transition period) I now am busier than ever working as a webcam girl from home, working as a talent development consultant for my growing client base, and working on getting my adult and mainstream content studio together (so that I can continue my career in and out of porn from a behind the scenes position).

Aside from being busy professionally, I've gotten back into the swing of things with my workout routine - have been hiking Runyon Canyon every day this week. I still haven't quit smoking completely, but I've MAJORLY tapered down my drinking to only special social occasions and my bi-weekly "girls night dinner parties" :) I feel great about that and very balanced.

The end of this month and next month will be pretty busy - I have a comedy event of which I'm the producer of, that I'll be putting together for July 21st called - the website will be launched soon. I'm really looking forward to putting on more events in the future as a part of my "talent development" work being that there are so many talented people that just need a venue to shine at in order to boost their careers.

Also on the 29th of June (this month), I may be having a "public discussion" after the upcoming Aids Healthcare Foundation meeting (click here for details) with a woman named Shelley Lubben who runs an "organization" called The Pink Cross. I used to admire this woman for her supposed attempts to help people, but after doing a bit of research on her, watching her interviews, and having heard about some of the realities of her organization from a few trusted friends, I'm not so certain that even she is clear as to what her true agenda is.

I think as of current that she is very self centered, immature, emotionally stunted, manipulative and on a quest of fame at the expense of hurting others and their livelihoods.

What I don't like about Lubben most of all, is that she blames everyone and everything else in life for circumstances she found herself in within life, except for herself. She seems to see the world as black and white rather than billions of shades of gray and colors.

We all have free will and we all make CHOICES in life. She CHOSE to work as a prostitute and a porn actress. No one held a gun to her head. Her career choice didn't work out for her and she chose to leave the industry completely, however that was her choice - and for her to demonize EVERYONE and EVERYTHING associated with it now is just plain wrong.

This particular blog is about how I realized that working as a full time porn actress for other studios wasn't right for me - however along the way I realized that I like working in the adult entertainment industry in other ways and I probably will continue to do so for quite some time.

Yes, my views and decisions have changed over time, but I'm constantly evolving - that's what healthy people who are trying to become the best versions of themselves do.

Lubben is pathetic is my book as of current and her views and what she preaches and wants to happen in regards to the eradication of the entire adult entertainment industry makes her a very dangerous woman. It is fanatical and extreme individuals like her in this society who promote things like intolerance, prejudice and racism.

Individuals who are quiet or low key due to their positions in society or their careers, but who share people like Lubben's views and who want to morph our society into a land of hate and intolerance are unfortunately who fund people like Lubben which is why Lubben needs to be stopped (I'm actually very curious as to WHO exactly funds Lubben and WHY).

As for Lubben's history, she's gone from one co-dependent situation to another her entire life - from a prostitute who most likely had a pimp, to a marriage, to depending on a religious organization for her livelihood. I doubt she's ever had a real job or even been independent in her life.

This Lubben woman I feel has targeted me because she sees me, my way of life, and my thoughts as a threat to her. Why? Because I tell people for FREE and without asking for donations from others to continue my blogs, websites, and work (I fund my ventures myself) how they can get out of porn if they want to and rebuild their lives without having to "repent" and without adhering to a particular religion.

In the past Lubben ran around chasing Steve Hirch (who probably told her to jump off a cliff - there's a video of this on youtube - I'll find the link and post it later ), and since he and everyone else ignores her, she now is going after a young black woman who's single and self employed trying to do her best in life, who is over a decade younger than she is (who who isn't even an active porn actress right now).

It's amazing to me how certain people IN porn don't like me , because my presence and mild success negates everything they want porn actresses to believe they have to do in order to be successful - while certain people AGAINST anything to do with porn hate me because though I feel changes in the way porn operates need to be made, I still think it's a cool field to work in and I definitely don't think religion needs to be even remotely involved.

If Lubben were to "stop porn" forever she would cripple not only hardcore porn producers financially (not just shady ones, but individuals who are GOOD and PROFESSIONAL people who run their business appropriately), but softcore producers, webcam networks, independent webcam girls (such as myself), most likely strip clubs, cable networks, online adult movie networks, and the list goes ON AND ON AND ON.

Bottom line is she needs to complete HER OWN road to recovery, deal with her OWN past demons and MOVE ON in her life and maybe get a regular job or volunteer position with an organization that has nothing to do with adult entertainment or anything else that causes her to relive her past.

Well that's my update for this blog for today - make sure to check my other blogs and websites to keep up with me :)