Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well it's Saturday - and what a week it's been - well in actuality it's been a rather eventful past couple of weeks.

I've managed to get in disagreements with 3 people I considered good friends over the past few weeks. I wish all of the disagreements (each of which was completely independent of one another) could have been avoided but as some people say - life goes on and people change - ironically it wasn't any of the people I've known who have changed - it's simply ME.

I'm most likely going to retract for a bit - most likely for the duration of the Summer. There are many things I need to focus on career wise and personally, and though I wanted to reach out to include others in my career goals, and ideas, I've found that at this point in time I need to work 100% independently. I've always been a very self sufficient and and independent thinker, worker and lifestyler (as many of you, my readers I'm sure are aware of by now) so I accept that this is my nature as of current and I'm just going to go with it.

Often times I become very frustrated with others because I view things a bit differently than many do being that I'm a natural "fixer" and "system builder". When I see how a system can either be implemented or repaired in order to make things easier, more efficient and overall better and others don't or aren't willing to even TRY to see things from my point of view I get very DISAPPOINTED.

I hate being disappointed because I live for excitement. I'm and adventure girl and I'm a bit of an adrenaline junky, so I'm starting to realize that since that's the case, I'm best off (at least at this point in my life) working on my own little goals, celebrating my own little successes, embarking on my own little adventures and primarily dealing with others who live along similar wave lengths.

Yesterday was a nice but enlightening day. I hung out with a girlfriend of mine and we caught up on each other's lives. She and I both have aspirations to create something wonderful within the world of adult entertainment. She is more of a "team spirit" type of girl (she's going into business with her boyfriend and his roommate), where as I'm going at my ventures solo. What's always fabulous about hanging out with her though, is that we encourage each other, give each other honest and positive advice and input, and laugh at the pitfalls we've each encountered along our personal and professional journeys.

I'm rather cerebral and have been VERY cerebral especially over the past year or so which is what has prompted me to actively settle into a regular workout routine. As of current my sport of choice is hiking. Today I went over to Runyon for a VERY long hike - this time along the advanced trails.

I'm not sure whether I was brave or just plain stupid to go at these trails alone, but hey - it's Saturday and the park was full of people so I suppose I wasn't really alone, plus I had my Iphone jacked into so I had fantastic tunes along the way.

If you don't currently have a account - GET ONE! Today I was listening to a station I created based on Pink's song "U + ur hand" - I love aggressive "guuuurl" music right now because when I work out I'm expelling a lot of aggressive energy as of current. Sometimes I think it's odd that I'm as aggressive as I am by nature being that I'm a Capricorn - good thing my sign isn't Aries.

I love observing the groups of people and their dogs on my hikes at Runyon. Today I enjoyed going along one of the trails with a wolf pack - Actually the dogs were Husky's I think but it felt like a friendly high energy wolf pack - it was kind of hard to even decipher the "people" from the "dogs" as they nearly shared the same vibrational frequency.

On one of the peaks of Runyon currently there's a prayer box - again, you have to be either brave or stupid to get to it, but it's worth it. The box is set up to where you write your prayer, goal, aspiration, desire, or wish - insert it in the box, and then slide the door over to read one from someone else. It's interesting to read other's thoughts - especially on a peak with such a beautiful and inspiring panoramic view. I'll be many other those shared thoughts will find a way to manifest themselves into our reality through the minds of those who take the time to read them - it takes a really strong mind to convince the body to make it up to that box :)

Though I've said this before on one of my most recent broadcasts, I LOVE my Iphone - it truly is going to be a dividing line between the "haves" and the "have nots" in the near future, but I'll tell you why I like it the most - aside from the Iphone allowing me to be much more productive - it also allows me to be an introvert when in a very social setting. I like that.

Well time to get to work - I'll be live on webcam the entire weekend doing private shows - if you don't catch me online here are a few other cool sites to occupy your mind and maybe get you out of the house (if you have an iphone you can take your work with you).