Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enjoy the latest broadcast of Monica Foster at Home Christian Pornstar Edition

Monica Foster discusses sex addiction and how to combat the issue. She also explains why the government is stepping in to take control porn industry at this stage being that porn has become the equivalent of a psychological drugs for much of the American public.

Monica gives an overview as to her new broadcast and explains how athletics and exercise can assist with overcoming sex addiction.

Monica Foster later discusses how she's concerned about the Los Angeles porn industry, specifically being that as of current appears porn director Will Ryder and pornstar Cassandra Cruz (who is represented by
LA direct models) is targeting highschoolers for adult content.

Monica conveys how there's no longer any annonymity as a pornstar and how the porn industry is essentially ruining the lives of any highschooler who they potentially recruit.

Monica concludes with why the .xxx domain should be utilized by the entire porn industry - specifically the los angeles porn industry - and goes into detail about Manwin's opposition to ICann and .xxx - relating the correlation and parallels between ICann vs. Manwin and God Vs. Lucifer.